The Scarlet Dawn

Name: The Scarlet Dawn
Type: merchants
Motivation: fame Influence: somewhat limited
Reputation: mediocre
Age: very old Leadership: individual
Size: medium
Stability: mostly stable
Enemies: a very few
Allies: many Enemies Include: some monks
Allies Include: most of a guild of seers, some fighters, a large number of mercenaries
Resources: almost nonexistant
Resources Include: a very small amount of treasure, Other: leadership recently changed hands, rumored to own a certain powerful artifact, composed of a specific race, suspected in the disappearance of a well-known person
Current Leadership
Qualifications: eldest member of the group
Bribes: are a normal part of business
Competence: sometimes incredibly poor

Gender: male
Noticeable Trait: charming personality
Can be Found: fairly easily Lair
Quality: opulent
Location: hidden
Interior: well-furnished

Guards: armed with one-use spells
Dungeon: none
Traps: mostly around the entrance Joining
Requirement: reputation
Initiation: none

Identifiable By: hidden tattoo
Common Trait: unusual ideology
Initial Contact
Relation: member
Class: merchant
Found: in the entertainment district
Mood: grouchy
Gender: female
Distinguishing Trait: strange tattoo
Knowledge of Group: surprisingly thorough
Reliability: good
Competence: good

The Scarlet Dawn

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