The Black Temple

Name: The Black Temple
Type: merchants
Motivation: fame Influence: strong
Reputation: excellent
Age: very new Leadership: group
Size: somewhat large
Stability: mostly stable
Enemies: scarce
Allies: few Enemies Include: a few bandits
Allies Include: some knights, a very few mages, a very few assassins
Resources: limited
Resources Include: a rather small amount of old favors, a small amount of contacts, Other: recently associated with allegations of bribery, rumored to be under investigation, racist vs a specific race, composed of a specific race
Current Leadership
Qualifications: chosen via ordeal
Bribes: will be greeted with violence
Cooperation: very good

Group Size: seven leaders
Meetings: closed
Meetings Occur: in a very formal manner Lair
Quality: austere
Location: a member’s home
Interior: well-decorated

Guards: napping
Dungeon: much-used
Traps: everywhere Joining
Requirement: very highly skilled
Initiation: is rumoured to be dangerous

Identifiable By: nothing
Common Trait: specific hobby
Initial Contact
Relation: member
Class: merchant
Found: at a different guildhall
Mood: drunk
Gender: male
Distinguishing Trait: surprising voice
Knowledge of Group: very thorough
Reliability: good
Competence: very poor

The Black Temple

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